I'm Justin Hancock, a sex and relationships educator, trainer, writer, and now also offering solutions focused coaching for the general public.

Eyup means 'hello' in Derby, where I'm from.

Coaching with Justin

I offer confidential one-to-one coaching sessions to the general (adult) public. You can chat with me about any issues to do with sex, relationships, and just you / life generally. I'm happy to work one-to-one, or with couples or small groups."I described it to my pal as "magic". It honestly feels incredible that it worked after only session."I've worked with people specifically around sex and relationships but also with folk who want to be more confident, happier, unstuck, more proactive, more creative."His advice is practical and easy to implement and I find myself going back to it in stressful situations again and again."I've got 24 years experience in facilitating useful conversations about sex and relationships. My approach is gentle, affirming, consensual but also matter of fact. You can see with my work at BISH and at the Culture Sex Relationships podcast."His gentle and encouraging approach to coaching creates space for you to get in touch with yourself. I felt completely comfortable being vulnerable, honest and authentic."The coaching approach I now use is Solution Focused which I've been trained in (by BRIEF). This is an incredibly effective, and brief, way of working. We'll firstly chat about your problem, to clarify what is going on for you. Then when we've established what we're working on (your preferred future), what it will look like when you get there, and how far you've come already. It's a very straightforward and structured conversation."I feel that I have benefited so much from our session! I left it feeling so moved, and with much more confidence about listening to my own body and wants and leaning in to that."Because the focus of our conversation is on the resources you have, rather than the problems, it's very benign (it won't cause any harm). In fact, it's often really quite fun, generative, and transformative. We're both usually smiling at the end.Around 80% of people find that solution focused conversations improve their lives somewhat or significantly within a year. This from just 4 or 5 sessions, and maybe even just 1.This approach is designed to work even if it's someone you're in a relationship with that you wished would change. For example, if you are struggling with a relationship with someone who is struggling themselves.The theoretical model for this work comes from Ludvig Wittgenstein's ideas of language games, private language, and different ways of seeing. (I also happen to think it's a very DeleuzoGuattarian, schizo-analysis, micropolitical, materialist approach.) But we don't really care about theory in the Solution Focused Community. We use plain language and ask simple questions like:
What difference would that make?
How would you know?
What's better?
What else?
"I was a bit skeptical tbh, but one session was able to shift my mindset completely."How It Works
You may only want to see me for a handful of sessions over the course of a few weeks. Sometimes just one session of Solution Focused Coaching is enough. Once you’ve seen me you can choose whether to book another session or not by email – totally up to you.
Mostly my clients have wanted to chat on video calls, but we can also meet in central London. Everything you talk about would be kept confidential.My fees are £75 per session if you earn over £50k. Otherwise it's £45 per session. I can also offer a small number of low cost slots per month if you are on a low income.Contact me below, or email me directly bishtraining at gmail dot comFind out more about Solution Focused practice here